Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay, This Is A Start...

I am trying...hmm, don't know just yet how this will go, but this is my blog. I will use this spot to share my lots mostly and whatever requests from my game. I know this blog looks terrible, never opened one before, I am learning. If you have suggestions, would really appreciate whatever you help you give, I am dumb with this stuff.

Thanks to the lovely simmers at LivingSims for suggesting I should open a blog, they are the best. LemonJelly, Deelightful, Jenba, and Simalot for your encouragement. I am in awe of your work, hope to live up to your expectations.

Well here we go, hope you enjoy these lots in your game.


  1. Whoop for the new blog! Welcome to the land of blogger's B. Setting up can be quite overwhelming so feel free to PM me over at LSF if you need too.

    My suggestion to get you started is to have a little fiddle around in your settings to see what you like. Go into dashboard > design > template designer. You can change pretty much everything in there. I use the simple template at my blog but there are plenty for you to test out until you get the one that is right for you.

    It took me ages playing with my widths to get them the right size for my photos. A little work and this blog will look amazing :)

    ps. I am loving the purple. Very pretty.

  2. I'm thinking I may change to same font as you're using here, Lew - it's perfect. Makes everything that much more lively. Loving the blog, the layout and the *lots* (yes I have been pouring over them ;) ), like LJ says, have a fiddle and see what happens! I find blogs to be fairly organic creatures, and what works this month, gets tweaked next month.

    Can't wait to see how this all works out for you, I've already seen quite a few ideas I'll be STEALING from your *lots* :)

  3. Yay, I am a blogger now! Hahahaha

    Thanks LJ, will be contacting you. I did some fiddling, and will try some new things. Purple is my favorite color.

    Thanks Lily, don't worry about stealing, I do it from you too. Downloading lots and check yours out. Ahem, we are exchanging ideas. :)

    Note: get some smilies on this blog.