Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fairview Brownstone Apartments

From B Laugh Til You Cry

The Brownstone on the left is Fairview Apts. My sim Belize started out here when she moved to Riverview, the guy she fell in love with lived next door in the Finnington Arms. I will be uploading Finnington Arms shortly. Both apartments were created for a world called Finnington, got it @ MTS, have to link to it later.

Fairview Brownstone is built on a 20x25 lot, cost around 25.5k, fully furnished. Basement with skill items, bathroom and laundry. Elevator service, picnic and hot tub out back. Parking for one car. Landscaped and decorated, 2 beds, 1 bath, apt.

Requires: World Adventures, Ambition, Late Night, Outdoor Living Stuff, Generations
Credits to EA, HugeLunatic, Cmomoney, and Sarah @ Awesims.

Sims 3 Store:

Dreamy Dryer
Rahul Josher Washer
Loving Loveseat
Hip Chair
Starburst Clock
Olde Simogany Desk
Thanksgiving Wall Shelf
Scharab Rejuvenation Bed and Flyah, Kyt Zhiyuan
Ironic Clown
Tall Bargain Lamp
Pedro Estate Door II

CC (must download packages separately):
Animated Ceiling Fan by Cmomoney
Simple Shower/Tub Combo by HugeLunatic
Cornice by Sarah @ Awesims


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