Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Britannica

A narrow lot home I built for Strangetown @ Crazy Town. It was set up like military housing there, so I set it up the same in Riverview. Built on a custom lot 10x30 (will have my ijlotSizes mod uploaded so you can have the lot for World Editor), this cozy 2bed, 1.5 bath home is fully furnished costing about 39.5k. Landscaped and decorated (have quite a bit of CC), no vehicle, but I usually moveobjects on and add a car to the sim's inventory, or a bike rack on the lot. A washing machine is in a cubby hole, drying line outdoors, love playing this lot.

Credits: EA, MizzySims, HugeLunatic, LP, Bau5, Mutske, Sandy @ ATS, Camille, Sarah @ Awesims, Morphead, Sailfindragron, Nengi65, Tammy Trauma

Requires: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Outdoor Living Stuff, Generations

Sims 3 Store:

Porterman Doors
II-Stand Corkboard
Morris Curtain
Tropical Fruit Bowl
Infinite Reflections by Feng Shui
Miss Mystery
Secret Sonny
Wilderness Crib
Felicia Flamingo Growth Chart
Lloyd Wright Bookcase
High Style Wall Light
Two Arm Floor Lamp
Bayside Shelving
Overacheiving Counter
Grandmother\'s Cook Top
Rustic Hanging Basket
Porcelain Rabbit
NeoRetro Chair

Included CC:

Mizzyzim\'s Window Flowerbox
Mutske\'s Kitchen Stuffs and Candleholders, candles FREE
Sandy @ ATS Laundry Sink
Ritsutka's PB Quilts, have to find link!
Camille\'s Charlotte Bed Conversion
Sailfin Dragon\'s Metro and Tolouise Table, Metro Dining Chairs
Nengi65's Wood Pattern Siding (included with link @ the end of the post)

CC Not Included:

Sarah @ Awesims Kitchen Hood (Geneva Kitchen)
Morphead\'s Grandma\'s Old Fashion Ceiling Fan
Morphead\'s Laptop
Morphead\'s PA99S-SSCF-TV05
Simple Shower/Tub Combo by HugeLunatic
TammyTrauma\'s Cleanest Med Brown Roof
HolySimoly Walls by Geldyh

Britannica Lot
Lot Sizes Mod
Nengi\'s Wood Siding Pattern